1829-1896 Various owners

In about 1800, although the Cann-Lippincott family still owned Stoke Bishop estate, Stoke House itself was sold to Sir R.B.Johnstone and was later passed to Isaac Cooke, a solicitor.

In 1829, Sir Henry Cann-Lippincott died unmarried. The estate was broken up and it is difficult to trace the subsequent ownership.

Stoke House and most of the surrounding land was purchased by A.G.Harford-Battersby of Clifton. Harford-Battersby must have owned the estate in 1845, as a stone with his initials along with the date remains in the grounds (right), to the edge of the side passage between the house and the Lodge.

An Act of Parliament in 1861 gave Stoke House, along with 18 other Commoners, the right to graze sheep on Durdham Downs, after their purchase by the City Council from the Manor of Henbury.

A.G.Harford-Battersby was succeeded by his son, John Battersby-Harford, who in 1866 became the owner of Blaise estate at Henbury, Bristol.

For a few years the house belonged to a Mr Hans Busk, for in 1869 his executors put the house up for auction.

The Times, Saturday 15 May 1869


MESSRS. DRIVER are directed by the Executors of the late Hans Busk, Esq., to prepare the above valuable ESTATE for SALE by AUCTION, in the summer, in lots. Further particulars will be duly announced, meanwhile every information may be had of Messrs. Driver, surveyors, land agents and auctioneers, No. 4, Whitehall, London, S.W.

Stoke-house Estate, abutting on Durdham-downs, at Clifton, adjoining Bristol. - An exceedingly valuable Residential and Building property, known as the Stoke-house Estate, freehold and land-tac redeemed, containing about 123 acres, most desirably situate at Stoke Bishop, in the parish of Westbury-on-Trym, in the county of Gloucester, and adjoining the well-known Durdham-downs and Sneed-park, a very short distance from Clifton. Stoke-house is an imposing, exceedingly comfortable, and gentlemanly residence, built of stone in the Rennaissance style, originally the residence of Sir Henry Lippincott, by whom it was erected. It is charmingly placed in its own well-dressed grounds, with carriage drive and lodge and has very extensive views of Blaize Casle, and the rich surrounding district of the Severn, Avon and Portishead, is well set back from the high road leading from Bristol and Clifton to Shirehampton, and is entered by an elegant porch with twisted stone columns. It contains outer and inner halls, library, Justice room, capital dining room, drawing room, school or billiard room, bath room, grand oak staircase and secondary stairs, 17 bed and dressing rooms, and all necessary domestic and other offices. The pleasure grounds are very beautifully dressed and ornamentally timbered and undulated. The elms and other forest trees are very stately, and there are some old oak pollards of great beauty; also some splendid specimins of the blue tribe, and the evergreens are most luxuriant; an elegant conservatory, shrubberies, large and productive and well-stocked walled kitchen garden (the walls being clothed with choice fruit trees), vineries, store-house, greenhouse, and other glass, potting, and furnace houses and fruit rooms, also pine pit, ice-house, and rookery. The garden and entire premises are well supplied with water. The stable, coach-house, and out-door premises adjoin the residence, and afford every necessary accommodation. There are also some farming premises, a farm-house and other buildings, likewise some charming sites for the erection of villas, so much sought after in this renowned district. The estate is well surrounded by turnpike and other roads and lanes, and by very superior residential properties. Stoke-house is well adapted for a Bristol merchant, banker, or for gentleman seeking that charming district for residence. Immediate possession may be had of the house and lands around, and early possession of the remainder.

MESSRS. DRIVER have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, in the summer (unless previously disposed of by private contract), the above valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in lots. to be viewed by cards only. Particulars are preparing, meantime further information may be obtained of Messrs. Sturges and Sons, land agents, Bristol; and Messrs. Driver, surveyors, land agents and auctioneers, 4, Whitehall, London, S.W.

In 1869, the house was purchased by William Henry Budgett, a well known Bristol wholesale grocer.

After Budgett, Mrs Frank Burgess, the widow of a leading Bristol solicitor, was at Stoke House for some years.